Hackett 50 Years Book

The Hackett Community Association is developing a book to mark the first 50 year history of Hackett which was gazetted in 1963.

We are looking for volunteers and assistance with any or all of the following:

Sir John Hackett; street names; geography/geology/layout; street trees; Mt Majura; climate and weather; creation and expansion of Canberra, pre-history and anything else that has impacted on Hackett.

We need statistics, timelines, electoral rolls and telephone book lists; lists of local representatives etc; maps and illustrative material.

We are thinking that the book should include histories of:

Hackett Primary School; Hackett pre-school; the other local schools; Bluegum School in Hackett; Scouts and Guides; Neighbourhood Watch; MAMPA; FoMM, HCA; local churches; shops, ACTW/AGL/Telecom/Telstra/PMG in Hackett (including Post Office/Agency, public phones etc); bus services and stops/shelters; KSC in Hackett; Curfew for Canberra; Dragaway Away; Canberra City Band in Hackett; YMCA in Hackett; Public Housing, Refuge; Birthday bashes.

In addition, we are keen to include material from local oral histories. This can be compiled by interview; recording on cassette, or by writing, word processing etc. It could include at least some members or past members of the HCA.

If you are interested in participating in any element of this project, please contact Chris Mobbs on 6249-1673.

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