Portrait of a Nation

The ACT Government has launched a Portrait of a Nation project as part of its Canberra 100 year celebrations. The Hackett Community Association is very supportive of this initiative and encourages local residents with historical experiences or knowledge to contribute to this worthwhile project.

As part of the project, residents are being asked to look up the person their street or suburb is named after and upload their findings to the ACT Government’s Portrait of a Nation website. This content could include images, video or voice recording relevant to the person. Already some favourites include lesser known and more personal anecdotes about that person, the kind of family story that won’t make it into Wikipedia. Access the names of Hackett streets by clicking here.

There’s an opportunity for everyone to join in— you may live in the street in Canberra or on a street with the same name in another city; you may discover a family connection or there may be a link to be made with a street in your home state or town.

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