Our Mission and Purpose

The Hackett Community Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association and it is the official representative organisation for the suburb for dealing with Government.


Promoting the well-being of the Hackett community by protecting and enhancing the social, cultural and physical environment of Hackett.


  • promote initiatives that protect and enhance the social, cultural and physical environment of Hackett;
  • act as point of contact for community issues;
  • represent the Hackett community in dealings with Government and others;
  • inform the community about issues concerning Hackett;
  • support other local community organisations such as the North Canberra Community Council and Friends of Mount Majura; and
  • raise funds and expend them in the pursuit of the objectives of the Association.

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Join the Hackett Community Association

Membership is FREE

Membership of the Hackett Community Association is open to anyone who lives, works or has a business or property in Hackett. Residents and businesses are encouraged to join and actively contribute to the Association.

It is crucial that the Association has a sufficiently large representative and active membership base to have any real influence on Government. The Government will generally only listen to community organisations such as ours when there is a significant number of active and committed residents.

It is also important that we demonstrate as a community that we are actively involved in shaping and influencing the direction of our community to achieve the best outcomes from government planning and programs to be treated seriously.

By joining you will receive the following benefits:

  • you will have a say in your community, influence outcomes and become part of a vibrant organisation
  • you will be able to vote at Annual General Meetings on proposed resolutions and nominations for committee positions
  • you will be better informed on what is happening in your suburb and in turn increase your ability to influence outcomes

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North Canberra Community Council provides funding to and supports the HCA


Folk Dance Canberra provides the HCA with its meeting facilities

Latest News

2012 Annual General Meeting

By Greg Haughey | 10 October 2012

The HCA Annual General Meeting was held on 24 September. The new committee was elected at the meeting and now consists of Greg Haughey (Chair), James Walker (Deputy Chair), Bruce Smith (Secretary), Terry de Luca (Treasurer), Lorraine Mason (Assistant Treasurer), Dorothy Mackenzie (Assistant Secretary and Public Officer) and General Members Waltraud Pix, Max Huntington, Kaye…

ACT Government supports community gardening

By Greg Haughey | 20 August 2012

The ACT Government recognises that growing food locally can provide broad benefits to building community health and wellbeing and has recently announced a range of measures to help communities establish their own gardens. The Government has also promised to provide an additional $200,000 over four years to establish 10 community gardens across Canberra in existing…

Hackett Pharmacy Facebook page

By Greg Haughey | 20 August 2012

A new Facebook page has been set up to encourage debate and build support for a Hackett Pharmacy. Visit the Facebook page where you can go and “like” the page. For more information you can contact info@hackett.org.au  

Street Parties

By Greg Haughey | 21 July 2012

The Hackett Community Association encourages local residents to organise street parties to celebrate the namesake person of their street as part of the Canberra 100 celebrations. We also encourage residents to connect with your neighbours and raise a toast in memory of the achievements of your person, maybe ask your neighbour to also add their…

National Tree Day planting party on Mount Majura

By Greg Haughey | 18 July 2012

Join the Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM) and the Watson Woodland parkCare groups to celebrate National Tree Day 2012 with the planting of local trees, shrubs and flowering ground-cover plants in the Mount Majura nature park. When: Sunday 29 July 2012, from 1.00pm to 3.00pm For further details go to Friends of Mount Majura website…

Hackett Community Association meeting 20 August 2012

By Greg Haughey | 18 July 2012

The next meeting of the Hackett Community Association will be held on Monday 20 August  at 7.30 pm at ACT Sports House, 100 Maitland Street, Hackett. All welcome.

Public meeting on pharmacy

By Greg Haughey | 5 July 2012

The Hackett Community Association will be holding a public meeting at 7.30 pm on 23 July at St Margaret’s Uniting Church to decide on strategies to persuade the Minister for Health and Aging to approve a pharmacy for the Hackett shops. It is critical that we get a large turn out to show the Government and…

Centennial Trail route modified following lobbying

By Greg Haughey | 22 June 2012

Friends of Mount Majura have been actively lobbying the Government to modify the Centennial Trail route originally proposed for the Mount Majura Nature Reserve so that it avoided environmentally sensitive areas. The Government has taken their and other park groups concerns into account and has modified the route of the Centennial Trail to reduce its…

Government announces support for community gardens

By Greg Haughey | 22 June 2012

The ACT Government has issued a Media Release encouraging the establishment of community gardens and is waiving licence fees for the 2012-13 financial year for all new gardens. Click here to read Media Release. The Hackett Community Association is seeking expressions of interest from residents who would like to help establish a community garden for…

History of Hackett Primary School

By Greg Haughey | 20 June 2012

Mr Barry Price has written an 80 page book on the history of Downer Primary, Watson Primary and Hackett Primary Schools titled, ‘The Predecessors of Majura Primary – Three North Canberra Primary Schools 1961-1991’ published in 2009. The book contains extensive coverage on the history of the Hackett Primary School. If you wish to access the book…