History of Hackett

50 Year Book

The Hackett Community Association’s 50 Year Book project is nearing completion and will contain a wealth of information about our great suburb, particularly when the suburb was being built in the 1960s.

Plans are to release the book at the 27 October Party at the Shops, with both hard copies and electronic versions available for purchase.

Chris Mobbs who is overseeing the book project is still looking for some photos of the former tennis courts – he has one pic but is hoping to get some others. Perhaps you were a member and played there back in the 1970s and 80s. “What tennis courts?” we hear some of you say. They were located between Maitland and Madigan Streets and the Hackett shops and were removed in the late 1980s.

North Canberra in the 1950s

If you would like to see an aerial photo of what north Canberra looked like in the 1950s, visit the ACT Mapi site by clicking here. This will give you a list of aerial photos of Canberra on the left side of the page. Select ‘1955 aerial mosaic’ and then drag the ‘filter’ button to the right; you should see the current day image disappear and replaced by black & white aerial images before the suburbs were built. Unfortunately the old photos don’t cover all of Hackett.

This ACT Map website contains a wealth of information about Canberra; see the full menu by clicking here